Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Regency Breaks Guinness World Record for Most Centenarians – see the story on AARP Congratulations to Regency on receiving a 5-Star Rating from CMS A Preferred Provider for St. Joseph’s Hospital and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Congratulations to Regency for being named 5 Star Preferred Providers on and!


Someone you love is waiting for
you to make the right decision.

For decades, Regency Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers have guided family members through the process of deciding on a new way of life for their loved ones and have provided seniors with a fulfilling, quality lifestyle.

Regency Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers have set the standard in caring for seniors and their families. Our unique approach is simple and sincere: to offer the very best of care in the most appropriate and patient-centered environment. This means always listening to our residents and patients. Always respecting their capabilities while helping them to achieve maximum functionality and independence. And always maintaining the highest professional and quality standards in our staff and our facilities.

Welcome to Regency Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers.
A proven way of caring, an exceptional way of living.

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