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Diabetes causes a range of complications. Between one-third and one-half of diabetics will suffer from peripheral neuropathy, nerve damage that typically affects the feet and legs. Combined with the reduced circulation that is also a common complication of diabetes, even a minor foot issue can quickly become a medical emergency for a diabetic, one which could possibly require amputation. For this reason, diabetic foot care should be high on the list of diabetic self-care.

But there is good news. According to a study at the Regenstrief Institute for Health Care in Indianapolis, diabetics who practiced proper foot care can reduce their risk of serious foot problems by nearly 60%.

If you are diabetic, follow these 9 tips to make sure your feet get the care they need to keep them healthy.

  1. Check your feet, including the bottoms and between the toes, every day. Can't see a part of your foot? Use a mirror or ask someone else to check for you.
    Issues to lookout for include:
    Athletes foot; blisters; calluses; corns; cuts; cracks in the skin; swelling; ingrown toenails; unusual odor; red spots; changes in how the foot looks, whether in color or shape; changes in how the foot feels, including tingling, numbness, warmth, or burning.
  2. Never treat any foot problem you might find with an over-the-counter medication. Diabetic feet are sensitive feet, and these products may exacerbate the problem. Call your doctor instead.
  3. Wash and your dry feet every day. Be sure to dry between your toes, since any moisture between the toes can lead to a fungal infection.
  4. Moisturize the tops and bottoms of feet (but not between the toes).
  5. Use talcum powder or cornstarch between your toes to keep those areas dry.
  6. Always wear socks and shoes. Going barefoot — even at home — or wearing shoes without socks can lead to cuts, abrasions, or other potentially dangerous injuries.
  7. Make sure your socks are always dry and clean. At minimum, you should change them daily. Change them more frequently if they become sweaty or wet.
  8. Help the circulation to your feet by putting them up whenever you're sitting. Don’t cross your legs for any extended period of time.
  9. Most importantly, keep your blood sugar under control. While this is not a foot care issue, your blood sugar level affects every aspect of your health.

If you have diabetes, these tips will keep you on your feet for years to come.

Regency post-acute, rehab and nursing centers are experts in helping diabetics live their best lives. We offer a full continuum of care, including exceptional short-term rehabilitation, sub-acute care, long-term nursing, a range of specialty programs and complex clinical services, hospice care and temporary respite care. Our compassionate, personalized approach, has established our long-standing and unparalleled reputation for excellence.

Call us by clicking here to see how we can help you or your loved one.

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