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Monday, 27 July 2015 19:27
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Acute Rehab vs. Subacute Rehab in NJ, What's The Difference?

Acute Rehabilitation

At Regency Nursing Centers in NJ, we are often contacted by families who are looking for subacute rehab in NJ, for their loved one. When I actually speak with folks, however, they will sometimes intermingle the words post-acute rehab, acute rehab and sub-acute rehab.

These are not all the same thing.

Acute rehabilitation is for individuals who need an intensive, multidisciplinary rehabilitation program. Patients who have had traumatic injuries, stroke, or suffer a debilitating disease will most certainly benefit from acute rehabilitation. In an acute rehabilitation program, patients receive physical, occupational and speech therapy as needed. At Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, patients benefit from a robust program of all 3 therapy disciplines and we are considered to be the very best short term rehabilitation centers in New Jersey. . A physician, who is trained in rehabilitation, manages each patient’s care. Patients are seen by their attending physician every day.

In an acute rehabilitation setting, a patient is expected to make significant functional gains and medical improvement within a reasonable time frame. Patients receive at least three hours of therapy per day, for up to five days a week. One-to-one therapy and group therapy sessions are concurrently provided, depending on the needs of the individual. Additional services such as respiratory therapy are available for patients as well.

Subacute / Post-acute Rehabilitation

Subacute rehabilitation is less intensive than acute rehabilitation. Patients in a subacute rehab facility generally only receive one or two hours of therapy per day, and it is usually a combination of physical, occupational and speech therapy. Patients are seen by their attending physician on a monthly basis.

The average length of stay at a subacute facility is also generally longer than at an acute rehabilitation center.

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