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From the desk of Marie Barnes:

Regency Jewish Heritage Post-Acute Rehab and Nursing Center, 380 Demott Lane, Somerset, NJ, partnered with Somerset County Office on Aging and Disability Services, on May 19th, to host their annual centenarian luncheon and celebration, in honor of older Americans month.  

There was a lovely sit down luncheon, live entertainment, County proclamations, balloons, flowers, gifts and a gigantic sheet cake. 

The guests truly enjoyed all the festivities, and the attention they so rightfully deserve.  The "celebrities" were excited to get to know one another, and so thrilled to see others who have reached the hallmark age of living a century.  
One gentlemen, most senior at the event, 104, Phillip Yannich, was so taken with his table mate, Norma Horger, 102, he got up from his chair and shared a warm hug and kiss, which created a smile on from ear to ear, on both heir faces.  Norma has attended the centenarian luncheons at Regency Jewish Heritage for the last several years, and looks forward to the celebration very much. Out of the 20 centenarians, 4 of the guests were men.     
Bobby Brescia, the entertainer,  played the classic song, "You Make Me Feel So Young", which prompted the guests to gather on the dance floor, and gathered around the large birthday cake, to dance and sing to the song -- twice!  The celebrities and their loved ones truly enjoyed the dancing and singing and much laughter, basking in a memorable afternoon planned solely for these outstanding Somerset County citizens.  
Some words of wisdom shared were; Richard Garlipp, was asked, what his secret was to longevity, he said, "Keep Breathing."  Other words of wisdom were; "Smile and the world smiles with you -- cry and  you cry alone.", Ethel Augustin.  Lillian Blank, sentiments, "It's a surprise that I made it this far." Manual Melendez, "Never give up!, Always think positive! Never lose hope."  Agnes Napoleon, "Must always take care of family, work to suppport one self, enjoy the small thins in life."

Attendees, Ethel G. Augustin, Doris Bennett,  Dorothy Black, Lillian Blank, Margaret Carlson, Marcello Chinski, Sylvia Cohen, Richard Garlipp, Anna Girandola, Norma Horger, Myrtle Levy, Sylvia Meadows, Manual Melendez,  Ruth Kohl Omansky, Tessi Palatini, Mollie Reuben, Clarice Rosenstraus, Emma Tyukoky, Pauline Weinkrantz and Philip Yannich.  
Overall, the consensus was, it was a fantastic day, and look forward to next year.  


Pictured is Marty Bengio, Administrator of Regency Jewish Heritage Post-Acute, Rehab and Nursing Center and Cynthia Voorhees, Somerset County Office of Aging and Disability Services welcoming the centnenarians and their families.  

For further information Regency Jewish Heritage, please call 732-873-2000, or visit  


The luncheon was a smashing success!

There's a lot going on at our magnificent nursing and rehab facility in in the heart of Somersetwoods NJ.

In fact, we were written up in the prestigious Franklin Reporter and Advocate publication!

See the webpage snapshot below and click on this link, to read all about Regency Jewish Heritage and what makes us the best nursing and rehab center in the Somerset Woods of Somerset County, NJ!


Paying for in-patient Post-Acute Rehab in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center, is typically covered by any one of 4 insurance types, or a combination thereof:


Medicaid Only

Basic daily rate provided for room and board, includes Post-Acute Rehabilitation when provided on a purely custodial level.

Medicaid (to cover room and board) and Medicare Part B (to cover the therapy component):

Subject to facility daily rate plus rehabilitation when provided

The recommendation is no more than 25 sessions under Part B for one in-patient rehab stay or "episode."

Recommendation of no more than 3 "episodes" (ie: in-patient rehab stay, or decline in resident functioning) each year.

Usually provided 3x weekly

Therapy provided to long-term residents or to residents who were admitted from home or another nursing facilities.

Part B is subject to an annual cap

Medicare Part A

Provides the most robust therapy allocation and all inclusive including room and board for in-patient Post-Acute Rehabilitation.

Provided when residents are admitted to the rehab facility after a minimum of a 3 midnight hospital stay

Therapy is provided a minimum of 5 times a week and/or skilled care is provided by the nursing staff (ie: IV, tracheotomy, care, wounds, G-tube, etc)

When therapy is planning a discharge of a Medicare Part A patient, the discharge must be coordinated ahead of time with the rest of the facility (as a collaborative effort between all disciplines)


Therapy is provided via different "levels" or allocations, which determines the amount of therapy to be provided.

SNF level provides for 1-1.5 hours of therapy per day in any of the 3 disciplines (PT, OT, SP), or a combination of all 3.

Subacute Level of therapy provides for up to 2 hours or more each day (all 3 disciplines in any combination).

Pre-approved visits (in the case of HMO's) usually authorized for 7-days at a time and then subject to renewal, pending satisfactory submission of specific documentation by the facility to the provider.

Private Pay

A privately paid stay paid to the facility by the resident, family, or caregiver.

Private pay usually includes room and board and basic nursing care only and is subject to separate fees for ancillaries and therapy.

Amount of therapy allocated is based upon resident/family approval

 Length and duration of therapy is determined by the resident in coordination with the Therapy department

A team decision is made among the resident, family, nursing, social worker, etc as to when patient is at optimal functioning levels and no longer requiring therapy.


Resident is terminally ill within a specific government regulation period. Usually, Hospice is defined as a patient who has been given 6 months or less to live by the attending physician (this is in purely clinical terms).

Therapy is provided for comfort care only since there is no real rehabilitation potential.

 Must get pre-authorization from the hospice company


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