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Hospice Care Information and Education

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What is Hospice?


Hospice as a strictly clinical designation means the patient has been given 6 months (or less) to live.

However, beyond purely clinical terms, none of us can predict the inevitability of any future outcome. Therefore, at Regency Nursing Centers of New Jersey, we place a special focus on the power of choice and the preservation of life and the quality of life in every possible way.

Hospice care is designed to be palliative – this means that its chief objective is to alleviate pain and provide comfort and serenity at the end of life.

Every life is unique and special; the end of life can be a time of profound awareness and contentment, or a time of intense fear and sadness. Sometimes, it is a combination of both.

The job of any hospice provider is to prepare and nurture the patient with ultimate love and dedication at this crucial time.

The actual care, involves a robust and interdisciplinary approach, including the promise of confidential comfort, care compassion and counseling.

You see, Hospice is not “a place,” but a philosophy of care.

This care may be provided in several different settings, depending upon the will of the patient:

In-home Care: Many patients desire to live at home and be cared for at home during their final months of life.

In-patient Care: If pain and symptoms cannot be managed at home, a patient may be admitted to an approved contracted nursing facility.


The ‘Heart’ of Hospice Care

At its very core, Hospice is about respecting a person’s right of self determination. Every individual has a right to choose how they would like to spend the last chapter of their life.

The role of the hospice provider is to help honor that choice by providing the requisite care to both the patient and the family, including:

The right to have their specific needs considered on an individual basis.

The right to maintain their dignity and sense of autonomy.

The right to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

The right to actively participate in decision making and care planning.

The right to remain in the location of their own choosing.


Post-Life Care and Services


Everyone experiences the loss of a loved one differently. Grieving is a process that can take time, and it is the job of the Hospice provider to navigate these vicissitudes together with the family.

The first step of the healing process is adjusting to the new reality. A good Hospice provider will have a specialized ‘Bereavement Program’ which places emphasis on proving comfort and guidance during this challenging time.

In some instances, counseling begins prior to the end of life and while the hospice patient still has the ability to participate. Other times, the grieving family simply needs a shoulder to cry on and help with saying a proper goodbye. In many instances, families require help with resolving unfinished business and conflicting emotions.

First and foremost, the hospice provider should offer trained and sympathetic listeners.

There are at least several factors that can influence a person’s response to bereavement:

His or her relationship with the deceased.

The supporting role of the family in the care of the patient.

Reaction to any previous loss and their remembrance of that event.

The length of the illness.

The particular disposition of the individual and their emotional expression.

Overall health and particular lifestyle

At Regency Nursing Centers, we also encourage family members to avail themselves fully of our bereavement support and counseling during all phases of grief.

In the final analysis, it is always important to remember that hospice care starts before death but doesn’t end with death.

Instead, families need the emotional support to cope with grief in order to properly heal.

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Filmmaker Evan Briggs had spent a long time thinking about aging in America, our relationship to the elderly and how dysfunctional it seemed. 

"What is it about our value system that makes it so these people don't really have a place here anymore after a certain age? Why are we OK with that?" she thought. "There is so much wisdom and life experience that our elderly members of society have that we're just not availing ourselves of, and that just seems like a huge loss."

When she learned there was a preschool in her town set inside a retirement home, where the residents and the children interacted on a daily basis, she knew she wanted tofilm a documentary there.

Briggs spent the 2012-13 school year filming three days a week at the Intergenerational Learning Center for children 6 weeks to 5 years old inside Providence Mount St. Vincent, a retirement home for about 400 adults in West Seattle. Her first feature-length film, "Present Perfect," explores "the very real experience of aging in America -- both growing up and growing old."

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I just received this beautiful letter which was posted on the internet!


"My Dad was just at Regency Grande and the people are great and show them patience, dignity and respect and truly seem to care! It seems more like a hotel inside than a nursing home!


Sandi MacNaughten"




If "pictures speak a thousand words," then these words speak VOLUMES!!!



Regency Grande awarded the prestigious “2015 Best Nursing Homes” distinction by US World and News Report!






From the desk of Marie Barnes, Marketing and Public Relations Director at Regency Nursing Centers.


St. Joseph's Wayne Auxiliary and Regency Gardens Post-Acute, Rehab and Nursing Center, 296 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, held their second annual wine and gourmet pizza fundraiser event on Thursday, June 10th.  The event was enjoyed on the expansive, lush gardens, directly in front of St. Joseph's Hospital.  The Auxiliary of St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital is a hard working group of energetic volunteers devoted to fund-raising and community service for the hospital.  The event will be the first fundraiser to go toward the auxiliary's most recent $100,000 pledge.  The auxiliary is rich in history, with a time line of starting their organization when the hospital was built, almost 145 years ago.  


Approximately 200 attended the event, enjoyed camaraderie, with friends, along with meeting new people and networking.  The grounds boasted a large tent that held some of the guests, while others enjoyed sitting in front of the fountains and ponds that are part of the landscape.  Staff from both Wayne and Paterson hospital campuses, along with other guests from every type of organization, volunteer, and many health care providers, mingled and relaxed, enjoying the wine that was provided by Valley Wine and Spirits, in Wayne.  Tables were set up under the tent for participants to enjoy wine and beer tasting.  Other sponsors for the event that provided food and drink were, Hunterdon Brewing Company, Bensi, Brownstone, Fri Guyz, Lina's Ristorante, Muscle Maker Grill, On The Border, Preakness Gourmet Deli, Taste of Tuscany, Il Crinale, DiCavino, Cobby's Florist, Tap House Grill, and Stop & Shop.  

There was plenty of spirits to taste, plenty to eat, and music was provided to enhance the summer evening out.  The event was a huge success in bringing the community together, generating funds toward a worthy cause, and enjoying a lovely evening out.



Pictured are left to right, Kevin J. Slavin, President and Chief Executive Officer at St. Joseph’s Healthcare System, Mark Benedek, Administrator, Regency Gardens Post Acute, Rehab and Nursing Center, Daniel Kline, Vice President,  and Site Administrator, St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital, Mary Beth Papetti, RN, Director of Nursing, Regency Gardens Post Acute, Rehab and Nursing Center, Ruthanne Braddock, RN, Site Director, Nursing, St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital, and Carmella Petrozzi, Admissions Director, Regency Gardens Post Acute, Rehab and Nursing Center.   

 For further information about Regency Gardens please call, 973-790-5800, or visit        

Chai Lights Hadassah held their annual Fashion Show on Sunday, May 7, 2015 at Regency Jewish Heritage Post-Acute, Rehab and Nursing Center, 380 Demott Late, Somerset, NJ.  




The event started in the morning, with a delicious hot and cold brunch, and socializing.  After enjoying the meal, the models began their walk down the runway showcasing fashions provided by Stein Mart.  There were both men and women's fashions that ranged from casual to evening styles.  The models were members of the active adult communities in Somerset.  The group of approximately 100 community members enjoyed the fashions, fun, food and the social aspect.




Pictured are some of the models that participated in the show.  For further information about Regency Jewish Heritage Post-Acute, Rehab and Nursing, please call 732873-2000, or visit  


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