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Blog just uploaded our fantastic new article regarding visiting a loved on in a senior care facility.

Click on this link, to be directed to the article.


Tuesday, 14 July 2015 18:53

Our Many Promotions and Giveaways!

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We just got in a beautiful new check; a really BIG CHECK!

 We will be using this for our many promotions and giveaways!!

 Fun times at Regency!

 I created the concept using our Regency Logo.


Regency Park DON, Beverly Sevellino, posed with the check (see below).


Hey Bev, the check is blank.....



As Part of Regency’s philanthropic efforts, we partner yearly with The Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education ( to host a Golf and Tennis Championship Fundraiser.

Every year, Regency distributes a gift to all of the participants in the event.

At This year’s event, Regency distributed a “Pebble Smart Watch” for Iphone and Android users.

Though I didn’t actually see the watch, I’m told it is very fancy and popular.

I did receive a booklet and a photo. Take a look!

Thursday, 09 July 2015 14:12

Regency Grande Shines At NJ Health Fair!

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Our Beloved Admission Director at Regency Grande in Dover NJ, Carla Holton, just shared this story with me!


Hi Judah. 


"Just wanted  to share a cute story  about our cute little teddy bears.   I attended a health fair at one of our adult community’s , Fox Hills  in Rockaway , N.J. on  June 26th.  As you can see in the photo’s I took along several of our teddy bears.   The community there love them for their grandchildren , self etc.    One gentlemen happen to come by and took a teddy bear.  I said oh is that for your grandchild. He and his wife said no and explained that he had just had surgery with a defibrillator inserted and that he was going to use this teddy bear  under his seat belt to protect it from getting damaged in case of and accident.  HE said it was the perfect size.  It actually looks like a hug.     So not only is our bear there to comfort it is there to protect.  I though that was such a great idea."


Carla Holton, Regency Grande



These are exciting times at our magnificent Regency Heritage Postacute Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, in Somerset NJ!

In addition to our expansive outdoor grounds, which includes parks, waterfalls, gazebos and a private reflection pool, we are now in the midst of constructing a beautiful new patio right outside our Levin wing!!

The patio will offer our residents on this wing a wonderful oasis right nearby, without them having to travel across our sprawling grounds to access our other outdoor spaces and common areas.

Everyone is enthused about this and we can't wait until it is completed.

It will be beautiful!!!

Here is the "before" picture where you will note the construction already in progress.

Stay tuned for the "after" picture!!


Tuesday, 07 July 2015 16:37

Leadership The Regency Way!

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I met a family yesterday for a tour of Regency Park in Hazlet, NJ.

They live in the area and are seeking long term care for their loved one.

They were attracted to us after they conducted an online search for nursing homes in Monmouth County and read our many fantastic reviews online.

In fact, they were surprised that with the plethora of published 5-star testimonials to our credit, that we don't hang signs all over the building pointing people to our reviews online.

They rightfully pointed out that we are singular in this regard from amongst our competitors. Indeed, we continue to set the standards in leadership for our industry.

Their point is actually a very good one, with excellent merit and one which we have considered before (and perhaps at some point we will do something like this).

For now, I simply countered with a great quote (one of my favorites) from the great leader of Britain, the late Margaret Thatcher, who said the following:



Our tour was a success, and they did mention to me that one of their family members is actually joining in the famous "Running of the Bulls" taking place this week in Spain!


I promised them I'd blog it, so Alain, if you're reading this, GOOD LUCK and please stay away from the sharp pointy protrusions on the bull's head; I hear being gored is no picnic!


Revelers hold up traditional red neckties during the launch of the "Chupinazo" rocket, to celebrate the official opening of the 2015 San Fermin fiestas in Pamplona, Spain, Monday, July 6, 2015. Revelers from around the world turned out here to kick off the festival with a messy party in the Pamplona town square, one day before the first of eight days of the running of the bulls.



Tuesday, 07 July 2015 14:30 Promotes Regency On Twitter!

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Our friends at promoted us on Twitter this morning vis a vis an article I wrote for them recently.

We deeply appreciate it!

Photo snapshot below:


Regency loves healthcare related technology!!

Living healthier is what we are all about.


That's why I get a 'kick' out of this nifty little gadget just out on the market.



In a bid to improve their lifestyles an increasing number of people are turning to sensor-toting wearables, but your environment can be just as important as your body. CubeSensors are sensor-packed devices which monitor external factors and give advice to improve your relaxation, productivity or, in conjunction with a Jawbone or Fitbit tracker, sleep quality. Never missing the chance to sleep in the name of work, we recently spent some quality time with the little cubes.

The wireless CubeSensors themselves are stylish and unobtrusive little cubes which can be deployed in most rooms without worrying about disrupting the decor. Once in place they use an array of sensors to monitor aspects of the environment including air quality, temperature, humidity, temperature, noise, light and pressure. Feedback is given based on what you want to do in that room, either with a shake-prompted glowing light, or in more detail via a web app.

In the box you'll find a micro USB power adapter, a base unit which connects to your router via ethernet cable, along with the CubeSensors and micro USB charging cables (the CubeSensors can last a month on a single charge). CubeSensors come in bundles of two, four or six depending on the number of rooms, and what you want to monitor. We were using the smaller pack for the review, and this meant quite a bit of moving them around around the house over the month-long test to use them in bedrooms, the living room and an office. If you want to monitor a number of rooms simultaneously, we'd advise opting for the bigger packs.

Read more.


Tuesday, 30 June 2015 18:05

1st BBQ of 2015 at Regency Park in Hazlet, NJ!

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Take a look:



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